Telesmatic Entertainment Limited is a U.S.-based record label and music publisher representing a select group of music projects/artists. It was formed in 2014 following the dissolution of Home Circle Media, LLC’s music division, in order to allow the latter to dedicate all of its efforts toward its pursuits as a retailer while still providing necessary services and administrative duties for its existing and future catalog. Telesmatic’s focus lies in the development and marketing of its existing creative base, as well as in leveraging both existing and emerging technologies to create uniquely tailored entertainment experiences for its audiences.

The music industry continues to evolve in response to customer needs and preferences – the past 20 years in particular have seen watershed changes in business models that had been in place for decades. Telesmatic’s continuing goal is to not only remain proactively aware of these changes, so that it can best serve the needs of its artist and customer base, but also to work toward developing its own solutions and services that can help drive industry trends, rather than simply responding to them.